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Shironuri with my Blu Ouji Hitsu Blu ♥

Porcelain dolls

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And so begins my quest to recreate every Mary Magdelene dress


I’ll be making one per day hopefully!

First time ever making dresses, so this one is not so good, but thankfully I’m a really fast learner. It’s hard to pick out colors and to decide what details to keep and stuff c:

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I’ll be keeping a tag for this under the New Leaf designs link on my blog

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More animal crossing designs! I made this one a while back and I still really like it! You can find more of my designs here! If you download it and post screenshots then please tag me so I can see! :D

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Saw this dress online and really wanted to make it in AC!  It is Alice and the Pirates Mirini Sailor OP in navy.  I tried to do the ivory and black colours as welll, but there isn’t enough contrast in them for the ribbons to not look like formless blobs in game.

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Mikhailovsky Ballet dancers in ‘Le Corsaire.’ 

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